4 Mental Disorders Psychiatry Can Help Treat

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Psychiatry is a special field of medicine that focuses on behavioral, mental and emotional disorders. A psychiatrist's goal is to diagnose, manage and treat the patient appropriately so that they can function in their day-to-day life. 

Want to know what psychiatry can do for mental disorders? There are a lot of different medical disorders that people suffer from each day. However, with the appropriate treatment, they can be managed and treated. Keep reading to find out more about four common mental disorders that can be treated through psychiatry

4 mental disorders that psychiatry can help treat

The following information can be helpful to someone who may not know who to turn to for help. It is always recommended to consult with a medical professional, such as a psychiatrist for specific information. 

1. Substance abuse or addiction

The field of psychiatry tends to focus on addiction a lot. Patients who suffer from substance abuse or addictive behaviors are often referred to a psychiatrist once they are ready to undergo treatment. Because medication is so frequently used in the treatment process, it is a good idea to consult with a psychiatrist about an appropriate treatment plan, as opposed to a psychologist. However, it is good to note that treatment from a psychiatry office will not just be medication-based. It is likely that talk therapy and counseling will also be required.  

2. Anxiety disorders

Worry, anxiety and fear fall under this category, but such feelings tend to only be classified as a disorder if they are ongoing and strong enough to interfere with the patient's daily life. Some examples of an anxiety disorder include frequent panic attacks or OCD behaviors about things that occur during daily activities. Psychiatry treatment typically consists of antidepressant medications and counseling. 

3. Depression and other mood disorders

Clinical depression is pretty common, which is why there are so many different psychiatry treatment options for it. Many patients struggle to participate in daily activities, which over time can cause a lack of interest or desire. Depression falls under the mood disorder tree and is typically treated through talk therapy and medications. 

4. Schizophrenia

Patients who suffer from schizophrenia will almost always need psychiatry treatment in order to feel and function semi-normally. This disorder significantly affects one's ability to think, speak or behave appropriately and coherently. Psychiatry treatment for schizophrenia usually involves a combination of psychotherapy and medications. Currently, the disorder is not curable but only treatable. Studies have shown that this disorder stems from genetics, altered brain chemistry and the patient's environment or developmental structure. 

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Mental disorders should never go ignored. Instead, it is recommended to consult with a psychiatrist who can help diagnose, manage and treat the condition.

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