Examples of Therapy Goals for Depression

Examples of Therapy Goals for Depression from Springs Health LLC in Columbia, MDUsing therapy as a way to treat depression is a common method for therapists. If you or someone you love is suffering from this illness, you should seek help right away. The treatment will be different for every patient. The therapist will cater the treatment to your needs. Still, the goals for any type of therapy are similar. Understand how this approach works so you can feel more comfortable and confident.

When to get help for depression

Many people have bouts of feeling depressed. This can come about due to traumatic events or extreme stress. Sometimes, the feelings of depression can subside without professional intervention. But, when depression persists and gets worse, the person should see a therapist. The person should get help when depression interferes with their relationships.

Understanding the feelings of depression

One goal of depression therapy is to identify the feelings that go with this illness. The therapist will help the person to recognize the symptoms and signs of depression. The patient will also understand vulnerabilities during depression and what triggers them. The patient will also see the consequences of acting out while depressed.

Pinpoint the problems underlying the depression

To treat depression, the therapist must address the consequences of the illness. A goal of treatment will be to help the person realize that the depression is causing serious issues. The therapist will connect certain cues and signs of depression with different behaviors. These may include turning to substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol. Other examples can be acting out against family and loved ones.

Discuss and remedy irrational thoughts and actions

When a person suffers from depression, they may not have rational or clear thoughts. The patient may have a worst-case scenario attitude. Or, the patient may have baseless beliefs about how others see them. In therapy, the therapist will counteract these irrational thoughts with a discussion of reality.

The therapist will talk about appropriate coping mechanisms. The patient will also learn how to recognize when thoughts are becoming irrational. The therapist will show the effects these have. This will help the patient understand how to respond well.

Cope with extreme depression in the right way

In the most serious cases of depression, the person may want to harm themselves. Feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness can also lead to suicidal thoughts or attempts. In therapy, the therapist and patient will explore coping strategies. These can reduce negative feelings.

The therapist will talk about confronting depression. The patient will learn how to do this in a productive way. Another goal will be to determine how relaxation techniques can help. These may reduce the negative feelings that depression can cause.

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Therapy sessions can treat depression well

Suffering from depression can impact your quality of life. You do not have to live like this or watch a loved one struggle. The right help is available by speaking with a qualified therapist. By working toward these goals, you or your family member can face the symptoms of depression.

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