Reasons for Cognitive Therapy for Mental Wellness

Reasons for Cognitive Therapy for Mental Wellness from Springs Health LLC in Columbia, MD Cognitive therapy is an important part of substance abuse and mental health services. Your therapist can either use it on its own or combine it with medication. This form of therapy can help you achieve mental wellness. If you want to find out the reasons for using cognitive therapy to achieve mental wellness, here are the details.

It helps people with mental health issues

Using cognitive therapy can help people with different mental health problems. A therapist can tailor it to fit the patient's needs. One of the main goals of this therapy is to stop unsavory behaviors. That is why patients also take medications while going through cognitive therapy.

Patients with anxiety or depression can have cognitive therapy. Those with addiction and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) can gain from this treatment. A therapist can help patients suffering from anger, phobia, or insomnia with this therapy as well. Patients with obsessive-compulsive behaviors and eating disorders can find relief through this therapy. This treatment can also reduce stress in dealing with chronic diseases.


A therapist can see a patient in a one-on-one session. The patient will sit across from the therapist, allowing the doctor to concentrate on the patient's problems. The therapist will then create the proper treatment plan most suitable for the patient. Sessions may last from six weeks to three months, depending on the patient's needs.

The type of cognitive therapy session will depend on the patient who comes in. Some of these patients need very structured sessions. Here, the therapist will provide a detailed examination and solution formation for their problems. Other patients like to work in a free-range environment. These patients need encouragement from their doctors to listen to issues and find solutions in their own way.

It helps with control and rationality

Mental problems tend to flood the mind with negative feelings and thoughts, which tend to block the person from making sound decisions. Cognitive therapy can stop the person from having such negativities. Instead, the person learns to be rational and clear about different situations.

Changes one’s perception of self

Individuals with mental health conditions tend to experience isolation and low self-image. Their cognitive problems become too overwhelming. Going through this therapy can lift a person's self-perception and result in smoother relationships and more pleasant conversations.

Relaxes and calms the individual

Cognitive therapy can teach the individual the proper ways to respond to anxiety and stress. First, the therapist will help the patient accept whatever triggers fear or panic. Next, the patient will learn to understand what causes panic and fear. Then, the individual will know how to approach the situation with peace and calmness. Reduced anxiety and doubt will help the person handle the situation better.

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Cognitive therapy can help the patient process situations better

Mental health conditions destroy the brain's balance. Areas either increase or decrease brain activity, resulting in loss of control. Cognitive therapy helps you regain control of your life. In doing so, your therapist can help you recover the stability or normalcy you have been working so hard to achieve or gain back.

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