Therapy Can Help With These Mental Health Issues

Therapy Can Help With These Mental Health Issues from Springs Health LLC in Columbia, MDIn many situations, therapy can be the right intervention for a person who is not feeling well. If you or a loved one is suffering from mental health conditions, medication may not always be the most sensible response. Every situation is different. But you should consider a different approach. It is helpful to know what issues therapy can address and when you might be a good candidate for such help.

What does therapy entail?

Just like a physical ailment, mental health struggles can be debilitating. A mental health condition can affect relationships, a person’s ability to hold a job, and even routine daily activities. The most severe problems can make it impossible for a person to function. Fortunately, help is available.

A trained therapist can evaluate a person’s condition and needs. With the therapist, the patient will talk about how their condition affects their life. The therapist will discuss what may trigger certain reactions or what situations make the person feel more at ease or in control. Therapy may include relaxation or mediation techniques. Sometimes, simply talking through the challenges and discussing coping mechanisms is helpful.


It is not unusual for a person to have occasional worries about life’s many responsibilities and challenges. However, when an individual obsesses over these fear, severe anxiety may be the cause. In such a situation, the person may have crippling phobias or panic attacks. The therapist can help the patient cope with anxiety through cognitive or behavior therapy. In the former approach, the therapist will help the patient learn how their thoughts and cognitions contribute to the anxiety. For the latter, the therapist examines how the person reacts to feeling anxious.


Like anxiety, many people feel down and blue from time to time. But when these feelings persist and increase, depression may set in. A person with depression may feel worthless or hopeless. Depression can be common among teens and young adults, though older people can struggle with it too. The therapist may choose a therapy that counsels the patient on self-care. The two will discuss how exercise, sleep, nutrition, and social interactions can help.


An overpowering, unrelenting urge to do something repeatedly or regularly can be an addiction. When these acts become harmful to a person or others, therapy is often one of the first ways to treat the problem. A person could be addicted to substances such as drugs or alcohol. But other people may develop addictions to pornography, gambling, or a variety of other behaviors. Treating these can be a long process. The therapist can take the person through group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other techniques to help the person.

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You can overcome mental health conditions

Whether in yourself or with a loved one, you should never ignore the signs of mental illness. Some approaches include treatment with drugs. But therapy can be an effective approach as well. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, or addiction, get help today. Talk to a counselor so that you can get on the road to recovery.

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