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    SPRAVATO is a prescription medication given by nasal spray and taken with an oral antidepressant to improve the symptoms of depression in adults who have treatment-resistant depression.

    How does SPRAVATO treatment work?

    Spravato boosts glutamate, already the most plentiful neurotransmitter in the brain. When this happens, it begins exciting cells in the brain, encourages learning functions, boosts memory, and trains your brain to become comfortable with this new state, helping to battle the symptoms of depression.

    Will my insurance cover treatment with Spravato?

    Coverage for SPRAVATO is dictated by your insurance provider. Springs Health LLC will assist you in getting treatment covered by insurance.

    Can I take SPRAVATO on my own?

    You cannot take SPRAVATO on your own. You will administer SPRAVATO nasal spray yourself under supervision at our REMS-Certified Treatment Center in Columbia Maryland.